The Land of Crime (LoC)Edit

The Land of Crime is effectively a hub for shit talking the Universal Discord Server and also random memes and shit. Coincidentally, quite a few people in the Land of Crime are also in/were banned from the Universal Discord Server.

The LoC DiscordEdit

I'm not fucking putting a link here.



These are just some of the many photos created in the prime time of Land of Crime. Of course, this is from the perspective of a 14 year old british male (Umber's Crayon) who wrote this thing in the first place.

Here, features a picture (above) of a tiger "photoshopped" over Mega man, with the text "Conspiracist Tigger questions your decision!" This was the first "internal joke" ever made between such a british male and the gun god worshipping tiger.

The picture below consists of Tigger's old avatar (Tigger) with a tuxedo and originally showing his "real face." The british male took all opportunities he had, in making the funniest shit possible, so he "photoshopped" a badly edited eye over his face (the accessory he was wearing) and a diamond sword badly edited into his hand. In the top left corner, as you can clearly see, is a squashed up "Unregistered Hypercam 2" to further to make this shit even more memier. In the background, we see a dumb fucking ape in an absol jacket. End of. This bald ape, per se, is known as Alek as shown by his completely obvious username.

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